Bourbonly Good Cheese Cake Bites

I’m back at Gravity for my next recipe. This time I sampled some of their Bourbon Barrel Aged Acceleration, which is a Double Pale Ale. Most bourbon aged beers have a great oaky flavor, but can be very heavy, or too rich for some pallets. Acceleration is a lighter beer, which allows the beer to remain light and really highlight the bourbon flavor.

As soon as I tried this beer I knew I had to cook with it. I had been looking for a beer to use in a cheesecake recipe and I had found it in the Acceleration. The process was not easy at first, cheesecake is a tricky food to bake and that’s if you’re not 5,420ft above sea level in a dry climate. But I was determined to make this recipe work. So after 3 or 4 attempts I think I have finally mastered the cheesecake bite. My friends have tasted and proclaimed each attempt a winner. Below I share with you Bourbonly Good Cheesecake Bites.




As always remember to make it  your own. Can’t buy Gravity’s Acceleration, then try your own locally crafted beer.


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