Beercheesi Potato Soup

Recently I was introduced to a wonderful little brewery in Louisville, that is slightly off the beaten path. Crystal Springs Brewery,, is located in an industrial park off of East Dillion Rd. Once you have found this gem you will not be disappointed. The brewery is not large but very homey feeling, with a warm wood bar and adequate seating through out. You can choose to sit upstairs and enjoy football on the big screen T.V. or remain downstairs and enjoy the fabulous tappers.

My first visit was with a group of friends and we tasted the entire selection of beers on tap. I was instantly inspired. A few of my favorites included, the Drum, Solano, and the Black Saddle. I also had the opportunity to discuss my blog vision with the tappers on duty. They seemed genuinely interested in my blog and were very welcoming and friendly.

My second visit was to find the beer for today’s recipe. I must admit that the beer I chose, the South Ridge Amber, did not jump off the page at me when I first visited Crystal Springs. What I did notice is that when I entered the brewery to purchase my brew, the tappers from my previous visit remembered me and wanted to know how my cooking was going. I told them that progress for my blog is slow thus far, but my recipe experimenting is not. This is when I go to meet Tom the brewmaster and owner. I was short on time (it was super bowl Sunday), but we had a moment to chat. It turns out he loves to cook with beer just as much as I do. He also has posted some recipe ideas on his website, so hop on over there once you have had tried the soup.

Today I bring to you my Beercheesi Potato Soup. Enjoy and remember when cooking a cream based soup always go low and slow. Too much heat will burn and separate the soup.

Guilty pleasure at it's best.

Guilty pleasure at it’s best.


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