Meet the Craft Cook

Food, my one true love. I am married to a man who’s one true love is CRAFT BEER. Upon moving to Colorado 4 years ago he discovered the world of craft breweries, and would often drag me along. Most breweries in CO do not need to have a kitchen in order to produce and sell their fabulous craft beers. Did I mention my one true love is FOOD! We had a dilemma on our hands he liked to drink beer and I liked to eat.

After one too many evenings of sitting at a brewery with a growling tummy, I concocted a solution. Well of sorts. Why not marry our two loves and use his craft beer to cook my fabulous food. And that is how DishCraft was born. I had already experimented with cooking with beer. DishCraft is my chance to take that cooking to the next level. I have started this blog with my simple beer mac and cheese. My brain is over flowing with foods I want to cook. Now to start the journey of finding the perfect craft beer for each recipe.


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